H Group Benefits, Inc.

H Group Benefits, Inc. was originally licensed in 1996, we started selling group health insurance in 1997, and we became incorporated in 2000. We’ve been growing continuously ever since.

Our mission is to help your company grow. We do that by becoming an extension of your HR team. We focus on health insurance, other HR benefits, and compliance so you don’t have to. To be a great extension we have to be available to you daily, weekly, monthly…as often as you need. We get to know you, your employees, and your needs. We don’t just show up at renewal time. What kind of extension would that be?

To be a great extension, we make sure we do a few things really well:

Product Knowledge

We spend a lot of time staying up to date on what’s changing with current products and what’s new and innovative. We pride ourselves on being cutting edge. For example, we sold one of the first level-funded plans with Blue Cross Blue Shield in Illinois.


You probably don’t know what to do about many insurance or benefits related questions, but we do. Our clients call us regularly with all kinds of questions. We answer questions fast, 7 days a week. If we don’t have the answer right away, we dig until we do.

Equal Treatment

Every client is a valuable client to us. Whether you have 2 employees or 5,000 or more, when you call it’s the most important call. We deliver the same attention and service to every client and to every client’s employees.

We think we’re on to something. Every year we retain about 95% of our clients. Many have been with us for years.

Our Founder and President, David Heller, started H Group Benefits, Inc. with this same attention to helping clients. Before starting H Group Benefits, Inc., David worked at the Chicago Board of Trade as a self-employed trader.  After trading, David attended Northeastern University.  He then joined Equitable where he learned he enjoyed talking with decision makers to find out their problems and relate to them.

As a trader, he shopped his own health insurance every year. Not only did he start to learn the ins and outs of health insurance, but he lived one of the biggest frustrations out there – his premiums went up every year, but he rarely made any claims that would justify the increase. Obviously, that’s frustrating!

He decided to start H Group Benefits, Inc. to see if he could do it better.