New Hire Onboarding

We provide HR departments with benefit packets to distribute to new hires.  We also work directly with the employees to answer their benefits questions and gather their enrollment materials.  Once the employee has made their enrollment decisions, we notify the employer’s HR department of the elections so payroll deductions can be entered. We can also offer an online onboarding platform that can streamline the new hire enrollment process.

Demographic Information

We assist the HR department with gathering their employee’s demographic information to process applications as well as medical information if needed. This limit’s the employer’s liability from seeing their employee’s medical conditions.

Benefit Selections

We can work one on one, or with groups of employees to answer their benefit questions and help them to decide on enrollment decisions.

Life Event Changes

We assist the employees and HR departments to process enrollments due to life events such as birth, adoption, marriage, loss of other coverage, etc.

Employee Terminations

We work with HR departments to cancel the benefits for terminated employees.  We are also available to speak with the terminated (or soon to be terminated) employee if they have questions on what to expect once they are no longer considered a benefits eligible employee.


Ease is a paperless benefits system. With Ease, we offer you onboarding, benefits enrollment, ACA compliance and payroll integration… all without any paper! And we’ll do all the work to get you set up and trained.

H Group Benefits offers Onboarding, Payroll Integration, and ACA Compliance with Ease.

Over 60,000 businesses and over 1.5 million employees use Ease. These businesses include professional services, healthcare, technology/software, retail, hospitality, construction and engineering, and many other industries.

Employers can go paperless with Ease

  • They stop chasing enrollment forms.
  • No more decoding illegible signatures. With Ease employees e-sign all forms.
  • They spend a lot less time answering employee questions.
  • Ease maps employee information to carrier enrollment forms. No fields are incomplete.
  • They can easily track their employees’ progress in enrolling for benefits.
  • Ease is easy for employees to use and make better decisions about which benefits to choose.

Employees make better decisions and have more access with Ease

  • Employees can make better plan choices. Ease compares unique plan details like copays and deductibles in a single view, and actual costs per pay period.
  • Ease is available to employees 24/7/365 on desktop and mobile.

Ready to get started with Ease?

Please contact us to see if you qualify.

We help with Onboarding and Compliance no matter what!

If you don’t qualify for Ease, we offer the onboarding and compliance services. One way or the other, we’re with you each step of the way!


5500 Form Filing

Assistance with the filing and preparation of the 5500 form for larger employer groups.

ACA Assistance

Detailed knowledge ACA (Affordable Care Act) regulations and recommendations on how to stay compliant.

Employee Handbooks

Assisting the HR team with creating employee handbooks.

Summary of Benefits

Your groups summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC’s) are provided to your HR department and directly to employees whenever there is a change to benefits or as requested.

COBRA Administration

We offer COBRA Administration to our clients with 20 or more employees through a Third-Party Administrator (TPA). We also provide guidance on State Continuation for companies with less than 20 employees

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