Some of the Carriers We Work With

We offer a large choice of insurance products by working with numerous leading-edge carriers.

Group Medical Insurance

Health insurance provides coverage for certain medical and surgical procedures incurred by the covered member.  Claims are covered by the health insurance carrier that is providing coverage to the member.

Group Dental Insurance

Dental insurance protects covered members from the cost of dental care.  Dental care can be the result of routine maintenance, dental disease, or accident. Just as with medical insurance, the claims are covered by the insurance carrier that is providing coverage to the member.

Group Vision Insurance

Vision insurance covers vision related care.  This includes (but is not limited to) eye examinations, frames, lenses, and medically necessary contact lenses.  Some plans also provide a discount for elective contact lenses. For the best coverage, services should be rendered at participating locations.

Short Term Disability (STD)

Short Term Disability insurance pays a portion of your income if you are unable to work due to a disability that is not job related.  Benefits usually last up to 12 weeks. There is usually a short waiting period before benefits begin.

Long Term Disability (LTD)

Like STD, LTD covers a portion of the covered employee’s income if he/she is unable to work due to a disability caused by illness or injury.  However, LTD provides benefits for a longer period and in some cases up to age 65.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a benefit to the covered member’s beneficiary in the case of death. Regardless if death is due to illness or an accident.  Most Life policies also have an AD&D (Accidental Death & Dismemberment) rider.  Meaning, if death is due to an accident, the beneficiary will receive a benefit payment from the Life policy as well as a separate payment from the AD&D rider.